TheETA formed in the UK in 2018 as a response to a steady decline in the digital capability of young people in schools. This decline, reported by schools, those working with schools, academics and industry persists and the significant investment and focus, by government, on computer science has done little to arrest it.

We believe that children are being seriously let down by what is on offer in formal education, most of which is irrelevant to the life children will lead, as individuals, and as contributors to society.  This is most obvious when considering digital competence – a combination of digital skills and knowledge, to solve problems and get things done.   Learning how to do this is often completely missing from education in school. We find this extraordinary in the current digital age, when it  is required for every future life option.

This alliance brings people and organisations together to get something done, before a whole generation of children are let down.

Join us if you care about this – as a school leader, teacher, a supplier of services, products or expertise, influencer, decision maker, any or all of these!  No money is involved but you are expected to take action – with our support. Talk to us now about what you might do – to help put right one of the most serious problems facing education. Contact us at  

Share your goals and concerns, and what you are already doing.  We’ll share the issues, and what we are doing now. Talk to us, tell us about how you might help us do things better. Then do it! We look forward to working with you.  

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