TheETA Schools Award celebrates those schools, which effectively 

  • Use Ed Tech to improve learning
  • Use Ed Tech to make learning creative and joyous
  • Provide learning which prepares pupils for life where Ed Tech is everywhere.

How do schools enter for the Award?

You need to ensure that three online surveys are completed.  There is one for teachers, one for your 10 and 11 year old pupils, and a short one for parents.

How do schools achieve the Award?

The scores returned by the surveys must meet or exceed the national or international standard scores, and there must be comparability between the topics of the scores (ie the pupils and teachers are scoring the same topic the same or close).

What does the school get?

Recognition for two years that your school is at the national or international standard for the way Ed Tech is used.  Certification.  The use of a logo in your school’s online and paper based presences. 

What do I do next?

  • Find out more by reading on. 
  • We can set up sample surveys for you on request.  Just email
  • Get in touch with any of our founder schools, who will be pleased to share with you how easy and beneficial the award process is.
  • Buy the award, or if you prefer an invoice, send a PO to

This award is very different to other awards, which recognise success with Ed Tech.  The award values most the opinions of those who are the recipients of the services the school provides.

Easy to take

In today’s climate it is essential that the process of entering for an award does not put an excessive burden on staff.  The award surveys take no more than 15 minutes to complete.  At the same time, because they are online, staff and pupils can fill them in at any time.

Reflects the reality of schools

Schools are not good at everything, but can still be good overall at using Ed Tech to improve outcomes.  The algorithms which are applied to the survey returns take account of this, which means that schools may be less good in some areas and yet rightly qualify for the award.


The scores a school achieves are compared to the scores achieved by schools which are known to make effective use of Ed Tech as determined by other means, including Ofsted reports and visits from experienced consultants.  This means that a school achieving the award is at least as good as schools already known to be good.


Scores of related individual items from the teachers’ and the pupils’ surveys must be generally in accord.


The surveys cover all aspects of the use of Ed Tech for the direct improvement of teaching and learning, in a time independent way. 

Not just an award

Areas where the school is less good are identified and general advice given to support improvement.

So to achieve the award, the success of the school is judged by the perceptions of its key stakeholders, teachers, pupils and parents.  Each of these stakeholders completes an online survey of questions designed to evaluate the school’s performance in key areas.  The aggregated scores from these surveys are then compared with the scores from schools known to have effective provision.  Where the scores are comparable, and the collective views of each of the stakeholder groups chimes, the school achieves the award.  The school can also obtain

  • Full details of its scores
  • Comparison of individual items with national norms
  • Guidance on areas of improvement
  • Signposting to key personnel qualified to deliver in school improvement.

Schools having successfully achieved the award find that it can be used as strong evidence of good leadership and management for Ofsted, in an area where evidence is not available.

The Award lasts for two years.

There is a national network of consultants who know the award, and can advise schools before, during and after its use.

To find out the experience of schools taking the award, search for founder in the search tab.