This award recognises schools which effectively

  • Use Ed Tech to improve learning
  • Use Ed Tech to make learning creative and joyous
  • Provide learning which prepares pupils for life where Ed Tech is everywhere

There are surveys for teachers, pupils and parents. Their answers are collated to provide evidence of the extent to which the school is meeting the objectives above. Where the evidence is strong enough, the award is made. The evidence is compared to TheETA founder schools, which are already recognised.

This process makes the award distinctive and valuable, as it uses the perceptions of the school’s key stakeholders, thus informing the school leadership of stakeholder satisfaction.

If you’d like to purchase the award for you school you can buy the award online, or if you prefer to be invoiced, send the following information to

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • Organisation Name
  • Organisation address
  • PO Number

Are you a school ready to participate in the TheETA Award surveys? Click on your school name below (please note you will need the password given to you when your school purchased the award)

  • Ashford School
  • Castledybe Primary School
  • Kingswood Parks Primary School
  • Lanchester EP Primary School
  • London Christian School
  • Regent International School

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