2Simple has been making powerful and creative educational software for primary schools for over 14 years during which time we have won over 40 industry awards. Our head office is in the UK but 2Simple tools are used in classrooms around the world.

At 3P Learning, our mission is to create a place where students, families and teachers can love learning. This passion translates to more engaged educators, motivated learners and an overall improvement in student knowledge and achievement.

Learning Linked – Services for Education Technology and Computing in Schools. Working with you we will help you:

  • improve learning and teaching through the use of technology
  • create and deliver a high quality computing curriculum
  • make learning creative, engaging and relevant

Magpie Education is a UK based company dedicated to providing the very best STEM resources for Primary and Secondary Education. Our platform supports teachers by integrating the best in class resources and the latest educational technology. We aspire to better educational outcomes and to equip students with the skills for the modern workplace.

We lift the lid on technology in schools, providing the most independent view of what really works across different school demographics.

We’re founded by the Innovate My School team, and supported by procurement specialists YPO. Together, we’ve built EdTech Impact to identify the best solutions on the market, and enable every school to improve their outcomes using technology.

Working to create a formal curriculum so that young people from all backgrounds can have access to the same income-creation & advanced life skills as privileged kids.