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Enabling all learners to thrive, achieve and contribute in
an increasingly digital society and culture

We offer a Schools Award which aims to set the
National and International Standard for Ed Tech and


TheETA Schools Award 

National and International Standard for Ed Tech and Learning.

Recognition for the great ways you use Ed Tech in school to improve outcomes and make learning creative and joyful.




  • Check out how to audit your school’s digital readiness
    In light of recent events and the inevitable school closures we are likely to experience over the coming weeks, we at TheETA wanted to provide schools with the opportunity to evaluate their education technology and forward plan for improving use once children and students return to school. To facilitate this we’d set up a quick … Read more
  • Digital Skills and the All Party Parliamentary Group
    At the first meeting of the APPG for Digital Skills, Tim Scratcherd, operations director, presented on Digital Skills. Here is a summary: What are digital skills? Digital skills are skills with digital tools.  Having them means being able to use digital tools to get things done. Digital tools are simply applications or apps.  The core … Read more
  • Schools Cannot Afford Computing
    A recent Ofsted report of a qualitative survey of schools indicates that schools are responding to financial pressures by reducing curriculum breadth. It will come as no surprise that this has had a negative impact on the delivery of Computing in both primary and secondary schools, with the consequence that children leave school less prepared … Read more
  • First Meeting of the APPG for Digital Skills
    The first meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Digital Skills was held on January 25th. In a packed meeting, speakers explored the future context of digital skills, what is meant by digital skills and how digital competence is currently being delivered by English schools. To find out more, click on APPG under campaigns.
  • New Curriculum in Wales includes Digital Competence
    The final version of the new curriculum for Wales has been published, as schools prepare for a complete overhaul of how children are taught. It includes digital competence as part of six compulsory strands. To find out more, see https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-51267393
  • New ‘official’ Online Safety Lessons Announced – Have Your Say
    The UK Government has announced that online safety lessons will be produced in support of Government plans to make relationships, sex and health education classes compulsory at all schools from September 2020. What do you think about this?