TheETA Library

The TheETA library is a collection of resources, free to those who join TheETA, which are more than just useful content.

Most library items describe

  • what it is
  • what you do with it
  • why you should do it 

and if necessary

  • where it might be found.

Picture of Library: Ed Tech and Geography 5-11

Ed Tech helps pupils learn in geography by providing access to large quantities of information on people, places and environments. It also provides the framework for analysing data to investigate patterns and relationships in a geographical context. Once pupils have made their findings, Ed Tech can then help them organise, edit and present information in many different ways.


Picture of LIbrary: Ed Tech and History 5-11

• Ed Tech gives pupils access to an extensive range of resources, many of them digitised primary source materials, which would otherwise not be easily available • Ed Tech can enhance pupils' skills of historical enquiry by helping them to ask and answer questions, for example by accessing and examining an online collection of historical artefacts • pupils can use technology to help them select, organise and interpret historical information, by for example using a database


Picture of Library: Ed tech and Science 5-11

Ed Tech has fundamentally changed the ways in which scientists measure, handle data and access information. It also offers opportunities to extend work in the classroom and affords insights, possibilities and efficiencies that are difficult to achieve in other ways. Ed Tech can make a distinctive contribution to teaching and learning science by helping pupils to observe, record, measure, manipulate and interpret results. It can also extend pupils’ ability to exercise choice, work independently and make connections between their studies and the wider world.


Picture of Library: Ed Tech in Design and Technology 5-11

How Ed Tech enhances the teaching and learning of Design and Technology 5-11


Picture of Library: Henry VIII and his wives

Two ideas for Using Ed Tech in History • Images of portraits as primary source materials • Teaching chronology


Picture of Library: Procurement Audit Tool

This library tool gives key questions in four topics, so that schools can judge the extent to which they are compliant with the statutory aspects of procurement. Each topic is linked to DfE advice.