TheETA Information Products


TheETA sells a range of products to support evidence based approaches to school improvement and professional development.

The evidence is provided by the use of targeted surveys, which can detect the understanding and relative competence of groups. 

For example, TheETA awards use this approach to compare the effective use of edt tech by a school with natonal and international norms, using a combination of surveys to ensure reliability of responses.

We also develop bespoke products using these methods.  These can be practically any topic or group, as long as the group is of a reasonable size.  For example, we were recently commissioned to check the understanding of a school Governing Body of the strategic implementation of ed tech in the school.  If you are interested in commissioning a product, please email  

Picture of GIST for Ed Tech

Generic Improvement of Schools Toolkits (GIST) The GIST Concept combines online surveys with schools, to create an evidence base for the planning of intervention and support. In addition to these first two ideas is the concept that by applying these before and after an intervention, the impact of an intervention could be measured, because the degree of change would be directly detected. This toolkit is used for improvement in the use of Ed Tech


Picture of TheETA Schools' Award Improvement Information

More detailed information of school strengths and weaknesses as a result of taking the Schools' Award, to target improvement