The Role of Ed Tech in Reducing Teacher Workload

Friday, March 15, 2019

Reducing teacher workload is a key strategy to make teaching more attractive in the UK.  The Workload Reduction Toolkit has just been updated with items including the use of technology.

The toolkit as a whole is valuable and useful.  It has three stages; 

  1. Identifying the workload issues in your school(s)
  2. Addressing the workload issues in your school(s)
  3. Evaluating the impact

The role of technology is addressed in stage 2.  A general statement about the role of technology can be found in   

There are five interesting case studies;

  • Impact of technology on teacher workload: Witton Park Academy
  • Using technology to aid school improvement and reduce workload
  • Using technology for effective change
  • How to let tech take the strain in your school
  • How to spread out your teaching workload

Links to these can be found at , further down the page.

Teachers will undoubtedly wish for more detail.  Advice is available from the consultants in our street market.

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