TheETA Awards

Endorsed by the UK Department for Education, the Education Technology Association Schools’ Awards recognise a school’s achievement in using education technology to improve learning outcomes, and make learning relevant, creative and fun. 

To achieve the award, schools get teachers, pupils and parents to score the school through their answers to their own sets of diagnostic questions.  The scores from each set of answers are combined to achieve an overall score, which must meet or exceed the international standard score for that group, and which must also be comparable between groups, to check that the views of all three groups are broadly the same on key topics.  (For example, it is no good if the teachers score the use of tablets highly, and the pupils score it low!)  The questions cover all key aspects of the use of ed tech to support the work of the school.

The award is the only one of its kind.  A really important aspect is that it recognises the reality of schools.  It does not take long to take, so does not put an assessment burden on school leaders, but it is robust, comprehensive and fair.  It also recognises that schools aren’t perfect, and schools can still achieve the award with areas for improvement when compared to international norms.  The process of taking the award identifies these areas, and so the award outcomes act as a school improvement tool.

The award is a public demonstration that a school is ‘doing right’ by its pupils, ensuring that they are well prepared for life in a world where technology is everywhere, and that their learning has been significantly enhanced by the school’s investment.  The award lasts for two years.

Picture of The Award for Primary Schools

The TheETA Schools Award for Primary Schools celebrates those schools, which effectively • Use Ed Tech to improve learning • Use Ed Tech to make learning creative and joyous • Provide learning which prepares pupils for life where Ed Tech is everywhere.