Schools-Online provides great website solutions for primary schools.

Schools-Online has an extensive range of site styles to suit your school’s needs.

 The unique features of our editor enable you to have complete freedom and flexibility to control the look of your website, whilst customised headings ensure your website stands out from the rest. Your site will use the latest HTML5 and css standards to ensure a high ranking on search engines and a website that is fully mobile friendly.

Simple and intuitive, the Schools-Online system makes editing your school’s website easy with double click and drag and drop features.

With a double click, you can edit everything and our drag and drop feature enables content to be added directly to your pages, quickly and simply. Our extensive collection of page sections offers you complete freedom to customise the content for your new school website and unlimited pages ensure you have enough space for all of your needs. Transferring your current website to Schools-Online is quick and seamless, together we will choose or create a template to suit your needs and then transfer your current content to your new site.

Schools-Online has a unique set of tools that require very little training and allow staff to create and update content swiftly.

Our publishing system is fully optimised to only publish what you change, this reduces upload times and allows you to add fresh content to your site within seconds. Users can also set pages to be approved by an administrator before publishing. You can easily create password-protected areas within your website to control access to selected groups of visitors.

Our new multiple user admin system gives you easy access to user settings and activity logs.

The multiple users feature enables different users or groups to be set up with individual admin passwords, publication passwords, site access, editing and publishing rights. To comply with GDPR, all editing activity is logged.  A free security certificate for your site is included. This means that your website will display a padlock in the address bar, indicating that your site is secure. Use your existing domain or choose a new, included domain name.

 Some of Our Schools

Picture of Websites for Schools Build it Yourself Package

Choose one of our templates and simply add the content yourself....


Picture of Websites for Schools Custom Package

Choose one of our templates to get things moving, then we will add photos and your school logo to your template and transfer content from your current site.


Picture of Websites for Schools Premium Package

Choose the navigation style for your site and a basic template style. We will then customise the template to suite your needs....