Picture of Catshill School Based Training: Computing & ICT Strand

Catshill School Based Training: Computing & ICT Strand

Phase: S - secondary P -primary Celebrating Children’s Work S,P Curriculum Planning (computing) P Literacy and Blogging S,P Computing S,P BBC Micro:bits S,P Digital Leader Training (technical) S,P £575 per day plus expenses. Call to arrange purchase using code THEETA2018


Celebrating Children’s Work S,P

We will work with your classes and teachers showing them how to create web content using the award winning J2e, Purple Mash or Wordpress platform. You will be shown how to create live online content such as blogs all hyperlinked and available from the school website using QR codes. You and your pupils will be working with lots of rich, multi modal content such as images, sound and video and of course text.

Curriculum Planning (computing) P

1:1 CPD for every teacher to get all staff up to speed with the computing curriculum. Covering the complete computing programme of study including ICT and Digital Literacy, we will work with every teacher or TA. Includes an initial survey sent to the school for all staff to record understanding and confidence levels. Includes a list of objectives and complete curriculum overview for every year that you can use straight away. We will demystify and take the fear out of computing and show how to deliver exciting lessons in order to meet statutory requirements.

Literacy and Blogging S,P

Promote literacy and creative writing. Covering online publishing and blogging, your staff and pupils will be shown how to create exciting online content. Complete coverage available for your classes and your staff. Content includes text, images, video and sound and can include book reviews, class and topic work, trip write ups and lots more. Part of the creative curriculum that fits into the computing and digital literacy programme of study.

Computing S,P

Lessons and presentations at your school that take the fear out of computing. Covering the complete computing programme of study, your pupils or staff will be given exciting lessons which meet the statutory requirements. Content includes programming and computational thinking using award winning free software. We will demystify all the technological words, so that staff and pupils will understand difficult concepts such as algorithms and abstraction. You will be shown how to code and debug using Scratch from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We can also use J2Code, 2Code or Beebots and use your computers or tablets.

BBC Micro:bits S,P

Don’t let your free BBC Micro:bits end up in dusty cupboards. Fun, hands on training for staff and/or pupils demystifies the technology and explains how to make the most of your devices. We will show you how to write programs and ensure that you are familiar with the hardware. We can also show you how to connect hardware and even build a low cost robot.

Digital Leader Training (technical) S,P

Full, technical, hands on training for a group of pupils. The training promotes the computing curriculum by developing technical skills amongst students. It establishes good practice in school and reduces workload by resolving technical issues. Teaching staff are supported by pupil mentors in the classroom. Promotes high level thinking and project management skills. Ensures the use of ICT hardware is maximised across school with well maintained, fully charged and tidy laptops, tablets and desktops. The school receives a certificate once the training has been completed.